Overseas property exhibitions

Clive Sharples (Senior Partner) first attended Overseas Property Exhibitions, as a solicitor for buyers, almost at their inception in 1987 in Hong Kong.  It immediately became clear that there was a genuine overseas interest in investment in the London residential property market due the level of buyers committing to purchase new-build property from the outset.

The onset of recession in the UK through the late 80’s and early 90’s was seen as an opportunity by offshore investors to get a ‘bargain’ and led to London developers and agents making regular trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of South East Asia to market new developments.  Clive Sharples, on the invitation of developers and agents, continued throughout this period to act for prospective buyers on numerous different London development schemes. After a period of 10 years Clive then set up the Partnership, Riseam Sharples & Fok with partners Colin Riseam and David Fok in September 1997.

Members of Riseam Sharples continue to regularly travel overseas upon the invitation of agents and developers to assist purchasers in connection with the acquisition of off plan property.

The main centres of business that Riseam Sharples visits are Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and we are starting to make increasing visits to Shanghai, however over the years the firm has attended various launches across the world including South Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Tokyo, Ireland, Bahrain, Mumbai etc.

As well as travelling overseas, Riseam Sharples does also attend UK property exhibitions where potential UK based investors are invited to make an investment in a new-build development.

What is a “property exhibition” or “launch”?

When a property developer has purchased a plot of land to re-develop into brand new apartments, that developer will often want to sell the apartments at the first opportunity they have which will be when they have planning permission together with an architects plan for the development i.e. well before the development is constructed.

Rather than just market their product with local agents or direct from the site a Developer will want to launch his product at an exhibition.

The exhibition is normally held in a hotel where a scale model of the development is displayed, marketing videos are available for viewing, plans of the local area and amenities and also a brochure and specification is generally available.

The Developer will invite prospective buyers who attend their exhibition to purchase a property that same day or weekend. Normally prospective buyers who decide to buy on the weekend of a launch are offered incentives or discounts which would not normally be available.

Should an attendee decide to proceed to buy a property a member of the Riseam Sharples legal team is on hand to advise that buyer on all aspects of the transaction and can effect and exchange of contracts that same day.

Riseam Sharples carries out extensive investigation of the development papers and reviews the contracts in their entirety prior to an exhibition going ahead and therefore we are able to assist prospective buyers there and then on the implications of purchasing a property from the developer.

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