Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage. In more simple terms it is the purchase, sale, or re-mortgage of property.

Typically in a transaction for sale or purchase a Buyer would negotiate an agreed price with a Seller either directly or via an agent. The appointed property solicitor for a Buyer would carry out searches and pre-contract enquiries for the benefit of their client.

An appointed solicitor for a Seller will draft a contract to be approved by the Buyer’s solicitor they will also collate and prepare property information to be provided to the Buyer’s solicitors.

Once a Buyer’s solicitor is satisfied with the property information and both sides are satisfied with the terms and form of the Contract then both sides will ‘exchange contracts’ to form a legally binding agreement. A deposit is usually paid by the Buyer on exchange (typically 10%) and a date agreed for completion of the Contract.

Completion of the Contract is effected when the Buyer pays, via his solicitors, the balance of the agreed price to the Seller, via his solicitors, and in exchange for the money the Seller releases possession of the property to the Buyer.

The Conveyancing process as described above sounds simple in theory however a typical property conveyance involves analysing the legal title, investigation of relevant planning permission and associated agreements, checking warranties,  raising and contending with enquiries with the other side, reporting to lending banks and generating a full legal report for the benefit of the client. It is for this reason that our existing clients have repeatedly come back to Riseam Sharples for their property conveyancing needs, because we are able to deal with the practical difficulties of conveyancing thoroughly and efficiently and with a view to protecting our clients commercial and personal interests.

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  • “We are certainly happy to recommend Riseam Sharples for conveyancing as we've received very prompt responses and helpful advice from all the different lawyers we've had dealings with so far” – Rachel Tan, Singapore”

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